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Beacon, maintained by David Erickson (the original developer) has moved to due to licensing changes. A controller based on the Beacon codebase with some new contributions but keeping a BSD-style license will be launching here shortly under a new name. Watch for more details.
What is Beacon?

Beacon is a Java-based OpenFlow controller. It was built on an OSGI framework, allowing OpenFlow applications built on the platform to be started/stopped/refreshed/installed at run-time, without disconnecting switches.

Beacon has the following features:

  • Cross-platform - Runs anywhere Java runs (including embedded devices, eg switches!)
  • Dynamic - Code and resource bundles can be started/stopped/refreshed/installed at runtime, including dependent bundles, without disconnecting switches
  • Embedded J2EE Webserver - Jetty is optionally embedded enabling a fully capable enterprise webserver
  • Unit testing - Support for JUnit unit testing
  • Maven - Beacon can be built using Maven, and exported to Maven and P2 repositories
  • Performance - Beacon has been tested and shown to service 250,000 L2 switch Packet-In requests per second in single threaded mode on a 2.4ghz Core 2 processor using 512MB of RAM. Widening the thread count to 3 increases performance to 340,000 Packet-Ins/s.
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