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SNAC is an open source OpenFlow controller for LANs with a graphical user interface and a policy definition language. It allows configuring the network using a formal modelling language (FML). It is built as a module of NOX however requires a forked version of the base controller. SNAC is distributed under the GNU Public License.

Download and Use SNAC

To ask questions about SNAC or to report issues:

Building SNAC from Source

SNAC out of the box currently builds on:

  • Debian XXX-need-version
  • CentOS XXX-need-version

Source code for SNAC comes in two parts:

To locally install the source code:

$ git clone
$ cd snac-nox/src/nox
$ git clone ext

The wiki has the full instructions for building SNAC from source and a list of dependencies.


SNAC was developed by a number of people including: Ben Pfaff, Bryan Forbes, Christopher Anderson, Dan Wendlandt, Eugene Lazutkin, Justin Pettit, Keith Amidon, Martin Casado, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Natasha Gude, Peter Balland, Reid Price, Srini Seetharaman, Teemu Koponen and Torrey Rice.

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