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Today, the most common tool for measuring controller performance is cbench. We've made some changes to Floodlight to enhance cbench performance and want to suggest a configuration for running performance tests of this type.

Get a fast jvm

Openjdk is easy to install but its worth getting a fast sun jvm to maximize performance. Check out []. There are no longer Ubuntu packages I believe.

Update the floodlight properties file

Edit src/main/resources/ to look like this. It loads a minimal, optimized configuration of Floodlight.

floodlight.modules = net.floodlightcontroller.learningswitch.LearningSwitch,net.floodlightcontroller.counter.NullCounterStore,net.floodlightcontroller.perfmon.NullPktInProcessingTime

Build Floodlight

The Floodlight properties file is cached in the Floodlight jar. You can either rebuild Floodlight or add a "-cf" to the java command in (in the root floodlight directory).

$ ant;

Run Floodlight

You should use in the root directory to run Floodlight. This includes a number of java properties that optimize performance.


Depending on the number of MAC's in your test, you may need to tweak memory properties further.

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