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Project Directory


Beacon is a Java-based OpenFlow controller. It was built on an OSGI framework, allowing OpenFlow applications built on the platform to be started/stopped/refreshed/installed at run-time, without disconnecting switches.

Lead: David Erickson

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The main goal of RouteFlow is to develop an open-source framework for virtual IP routing solutions over commodity hardware implementing the OpenFlow API. RouteFlow aims at a commodity routing architecture that combines the line-rate performance of commercial hardware with the flexibility of open source routing stacks (remotely) running on general purpose computers.

Lead: Christian Esteve Rothenberg

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Indigo is an open source OpenFlow implementation that runs on physical switches and uses the hardware features of switching chipsets to run OpenFlow at line rates. It is based on the OpenFlow Reference Implementation from Stanford and currently implements all features of the OpenFlow 1.0 standard.

Lead: Dan Talayco

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SNAC is an open source OpenFlow controller for LANs with a graphical user interface and a policy definition language. It allows configuring the network using a formal modelling language (FML). It is built as a module of NOX however requires a forked version of the base controller. SNAC is distributed under the GNU Public License.

Lead: SNAC Team

Downloads & Docs

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